What Do We Do?

Who Is Eligible for our Services?

Individuals who have been involved in an abusive relationship.

This includes:

-Physical abuse

-Emotional/Psychological abuse

-Sexual abuse

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FREE of Charge

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We offer a 10 week skills group focused on teaching skills and techniques to help you change your current situation and build the life you want.

Our groups focus on issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and inter-personal effectiveness.

Our therapy is evidenced based and consists of 5 skill based learning modules which include:   



                        The goals of mindfulness are to reduce suffering and increase well-being, increase control of your mind, and experience as well as acknowledge reality as it is.

               Distress Tolerance:

                              The goals of distress tolerance are to give you the skills to help you survive crisis situations while preserving your safety.

                Interpersonal Effectiveness:

                    The goals of interpersonal effectiveness are to gain and develop the skills necessary to get what you need from others, in order to build, and find balance in relationships. 


                The goals of validation are to increase your ability to identify and communicate your understanding in a clear way.

              Emotional Regulation:

                    The goals of emotional regulation are to increase your ability to understand and identify your emotions, decrease the frequency of unwanted emotions, emotional vulnerability, and emotional suffering.